Saginaw (Main office and Central Dispatch)

Saginaw Location

6050 Melbourne Road
Saginaw  MI  48604

Central dispatch: 989.753.3862                                                            
Office: 989.753.6176
Fax: 989.753.1875

Russell A. Willett, President
Loren D. VanSumeren, Manager and Dispatch
Paul W. Gakstatter, Manager and Sales
Timothy J. Maguire, Manager and Dispatch

Herb Nordstrom, Dispatch

Carrie L. Garpiel, Accounts Payable
Mary Beth Taglauer, Controller & Human Resources
Lynn M. Smith, Accounts Receivable
Thomas G. Rhule, Sales

Harold J. Sauve, Sales

Products Available at This Location

1. Concrete

2. Aggregates:

  • Fill Sand
  • Mason Sand
  • 60/40 Mix
  • 6aa Limestone
  • Peastone
  • 2ns Sand
  • Dump Truck and Slinger Delivery

3. Concrete Accessories:

  • Expansion Joint - Fiber
  • Expansion Joint - Vinyl
  • Backer rod
  • Anchor clips
  • Anchor bolts
  • Rerod
  • Wire mesh

4. Concrete cure/seal products

  • Concrete curing products
  • Concrete curing & sealing products
  • Concrete sealing products
  • Surface retarders

5. Concrete Tools

  • Trowels
  • Come a longs
  • Floats
  • Brooms
  • Edgers
  • Groovers
  • Knee pads
  • Chalk

6. Drain Tile (not available at this location)

7. Drains

  • Ring and cover drains
  • Tuff Tite Drain Sump w/lid
  • Sumpliners
  • Trench Drain

8. Steel Culverts (not available at this location)

9. Corrugated Plastic Culverts (not available at this location)

    10. Bag Material (not available at this location)

    11. Color and Pattern

    • Ordered on request

    12. Barrier Blocks

    Location & Driving Directions

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    Concrete Facts

    Concrete, produced at an estimated rate of 7 billion cubic yards per year, is the second most widely consumed substance on Earth, after Water.


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